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A "Star" In Her Field

Sandra Hurley, RN and Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Clinical Services, Inc has been selected by the Home Care Alliance (HHA) of MA to receive the prestigious STAR Award.

The STAR award celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of the everyday hero in our midst who makes incredible differences in the lives of their patients/clients and their families. Home Care Alliance of MA is a non-profit organization with a mission of uniting people and organizations to advance community health through care and service within the home. HHA is hosting the awards ceremony on November 19 at Granite Links Golf Course.

Sandra is being specifically recognized for providing exceptional patient care through her organization, as well as her commitment to feeding and clothing Boston’s homeless, her dedication to her parish, and her 2018 medical mission to Costanza; a week-long volunteer effort in Constanza (Dominican Republic) where Sandra and the team provided provide health care, clean water, and supplies to residents in Constanza and surrounding towns, where over 50,000 people reside. #CCS #homehealthcare #skillednursing #homecarealliance #STARaward

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