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Come Join Us

If you are a caregiver that shares our passion for providing exceptional service, we would like to meet you.  We pride ourselves on adhering to industry best practices, placing the safety and satisfaction of our patient’s and employees first.  We believe in family and striving for work/life balance.  We are unique in our management approach, placing great emphasis on providing cutting edge training, unmatched support, and continued professional development to enhance your working experience, and the experience of our patient.  We spend time matching your skill set and professional goals to the right patient, and we do our best to minimize your travel time.  We are flexible with our shifts and can offer full-time, part time, and per diem.  

Skilled Nursing

Seniors Socializing

Occupational Therapist/
Physical Therapist/
Social Worker

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Home Health Aide

Healing Hands

We pride ourselves on exceptional training for new graduates!

“I love my job!  CCS has been the pillar under my feet, helping me provide the best care and support I can give my patients and their caregivers when they are dealing with adversity. A company that understands what we go through as care providers. That not only will do everything they can to accommodate your patient’s needs but yours as well. CCS offers the best; from shift nurses that support one another, to supportive personnel in the office, to the owners taking support calls in the middle of the night or taking time away from their loved ones to address your needs. It is a dedicated team that grasps that family isn’t just important, it is everything.”

-Michael Moore, RN, CCS Employee since 2015

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