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Jeanne Holgersen MSN, AGNP, B-C, a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in Adult Gerontology

Updated: Mar 18

Commonwealth Clinical Services, Inc. is proud to announce that its Clinical Director, Jeanne Holgersen, MSN, AGNP, B-C is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in Adult Gerontology/Primary Care. “This certification is testament to our Agency’s commitment to provide the best full-service home health care services to our patients. We listen to our community. The need for superior health care management at home is something that is often expressed. We are dedicated to consistently evolving home healthcare. On behalf of Commonwealth Clinical Services, Inc., I would like to congratulate Jeanne on this achievement,” said Sandra Hurley, RN, MBA, N-E, BC, President.

“Our goal at Commonwealth Clinical Services, Inc. is to provide primary care services to home-bound patients in the comforts of their own homes,” Jeanne Holgersen, MSN, AGNP, B-C".

"The number of physicians choosing primary care careers remains insufficient to replace those retiring. In addition, the increased amount of newly insured people seeking care due to Medicaid and Medicare expansion has also precipitated the need for more providers in the primary care workforce. There is a great need to evolve the NP role in primary care to bridge the gap. I am thrilled to be a part of this progression," she added. #nursepractitioner #homecare #nursing #VNA

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